Born in New York, but spent his formative years in Oregon. Louis went on to study Fine Art at Southern Oregon State College. While in the military, from 1983-1986, Louis had discovered his talent and love of photography taking pictures of the places he toured with his 35mm camera. Studying Ansel Adams and then Thomas Kincaid lighting techniques back in his home town of Medford, Or. Louis also took painting classes to learn different lighting techniques.

Louis is known all around the United States for his famous "Eye Catching Photography". His process is an achievement that has been self taught, from hours and hours of testing different light exposures. Louis's style comes from a mixed background, of painting, drawing and Photography. Studying light and shadow from all three mediums and taking the direction of depth to an image. 

Louis and his family moved to the Treasure Valley area in 2014. The experiences grow in Idaho with stunning wildlife, rugged landscapes and the opportunities for advancement. Meeting other photographers along the journey is a bonus!!

LOUIS RUTH 10/02/2018
"You never know it all and you can learn something new every day" Louis quotes this often to those he meets asking about his skill levels and for those just starting out in the photography business who want to learn more. Its a very true statement and something to look forward to.

2019 Gear Update-
I currently use a NIKON D810 36MP full frame camera body and Primes lenses: Nikor 24mm f/1.8, Nikor 35mm f/1.8 and Nikor 85mm f/1.8. I Continually improve upon my photography by upgrading camera gear and sppending hours and hours in the field and on the computer. You can now see my newest photos with my Nikon gear from 2018 to 2019. I started uploading all new images to my website and
Social media to view and purchase.

My parents always said to me "keep trying, don't give up and never stop believing in yourself". "We believe in you".
Thanks mom and dad for the faith you've had in me all these years to do my very best and to strive for excellence.

Photography will always be my passion, showing the artistic movement of wildlife and nature. Making a living selling photos has been a long time journey and so has staying with the latest professional gear on the market today. A one year photography break was much needed and a change in camera gear as well.

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